Podcasts have become a big part of my daily routine for the past three months. As a remote developer I do not get to be around co-workers regularly to discuss technology and developments, so Podcasts have served as a substitute source of information. I get to learn how engineers from top tech companies tackle their technical challenges and how developers find the motivation to push their projects and careers.

In this article, I have listed out some of my favorite Podcasts focused on Software Engineering and technology in general.

  1. Software Engineering Daily This is by far my favorite, with at least an episode for every day of the week, you would think there would be a compromise in quality of its content but that is not so. Software Engineering daily interviews Software Engineers and Tech Entrepreneurs and they talk about how they built their products, company culture, and how they overcame challenged while doing so. The host is very interesting and he is skilled in juicing out interesting topics from interviews with Engineers from varying backgrounds.

  2. Software Engineering Radio Sponsored by IEEE, Software Engineering Radio interviews Software Professional and tech experts where they get to share their ideas and advice on a wide range of topic, the content of this Podcast is similar to Software Engineering Daily, even though Software Engineering radio might appear to be more professional and less frequent (about 3-4 episodes a month).

  3. Talking Kotlin Talking Kotlin is a podcast that is a from Jet Brains where they talk about the advancement of the Kotlin Language, you learn how different teams are applying the Kotlin language in their platforms. If you are a Kotlin developer and you want to know how different people are using the Kotlin programming language, then you could check out this podcast. The host is funny too.

  4. Fragmented Podcast Fragmented Podcast is a Podcast for Android developers, topics from this range from best practices in building android applications, the Kotlin and Java programming language, sometimes they also get to interview some top android developers from around the world. Episodes are less frequent these days though.

  5. Free Code Camp If you’re learning how to code or you need some motivating stories about how people living regular lives became outstanding Software Engineers, then you would enjoy the free code camp Podcast. Most of the time, this Podcast picks some interesting stories from free code camp blog and read it out, this is usually easier to consume than reading a blog. They also interview some engineers too and they talk about how they were able to overcome obstacles to become software engineers.

Podcasts have an advantage over Blogs and videos because of its “passive consumption format”, you do not have to be visually engaged in it to consume the content. You can listen to Podcasts while engaging in a variety of activities and it is something I have come to enjoy recently.

What are your favorite Podcasts?